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Touchdesigner – Getting started with BulletSolver (Dynamic Physics)

This Video series explores the use of the new Touchdesigner experimental build to implement bulletsolver physics into a real-time environment. Bulletsolver is a truly unique addition to Touchdesigner and the possibilities bring it closer and closer to offerings in more conventional games engines in terms of collision and physics.- While still retaining all the real-time power of base touchdesigner! This is a FREE course.

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Touchdesigner – Introduction to Python

This short series introduces users to using deeper python integrations inside derivative's Touchdesigner - a visual programming language popular in the visual arts and performance domains. Over the two videos users will develop an understanding of the basic implementations as well as more complex direct python manipulations across a number of uses. This is a FREE course.

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Touchdesigner – Building an Immersive Dome Mapping System

The Immersive Projection Toolkit offers a focused deep dive into a complete project developed with Derivative's Touchdesigner ( This 10 video series is a focused exploration into the design and development of a complete Immersive Mapping Toolkit. Upon completion, students will have produced a profession planetarium/projection dome mapping tool, and have the knowledge to implement the techniques anywhere they want (such as CAVEs, stages, concerts, bespoke mapping performances etc.).

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