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Learn in Ten

Learn in Ten is the answer to the current gap in the long form educational domain for creative computing. Utilizing the skills and mentality developed throughout the growth of Programming for People, Learn in Ten aims to offer the educational content other ‘computing’ sites will not.

It’s in the name – learning takes form in multiple episode ‘series’ all with the focus on a single outcome.

From deep diving in to the nuances of a specific software or the development of specific hardware interfacing tools, Learn in Ten allows creative learners to develop greater understandings of the tools they use, or want to use.

Importantly, all classes are priced at a loss to us, so that no one has to feel as if they cannot afford to learn the skills they want.


Programming for People

Programming for People is an educational teaching company – focusing on the delivery of bespoke creative computing applications.
Currently host to over 100 different videos covering topics from all areas of creative and interactive computing. Physical sensors, API interfacing, projection mapping and show controllers there are videos on nearly every creative application widely adopted in industry. 
Programming for People is one of the largest single source video providers in the world and is recognized by industry and professionals world wide. Boasting over 10,000 monthly visitors the company continues to grow from it’s humble roots of a laptop propped up on a dresser. 


Discover the Library:

Michael McKellar

Michael is a creative designer, instructor & technologist.

He has been involved with academia most of his professional life.

Currently an Assistant Professor at Practice, within the School of Creative Design and Technology at the University of Texas in Austin, Michael’s classes specializes in the methodologies surrounding the design and development of immersive technologies.

Professionally, he has designed, developed and implemented immersive and interactive commercial work around the world. For clients ranging from construction, realty and even royalty. His portfolio contains a large number of specialist projection and interactive mapping skills from CAVEs, immersive Domes and the connecting human computer interactivity.

He started Programming for People in 2016 to fill a gap in the online tutorial market that was not catering to interactive or creative outlets. It boast in excess of 10,000 unique viewers each month studying a range of harware, software and creative computing implementations.

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