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Building an Immersive Dome Mapper – Touchdesigner Course

***This course has slight visual UI differences between the latest versions of Touchdesigner 2020. Be aware when following, or use the listed version of the engine for best experience***

This video series takes users through the jounrey of designing, developing and implementing a complete, complex immersive projection dome mapping system.

Utilising a number of advance 3D manipulation techniques and pixel mapping practices users will develop skills in a number of unique areas acoss this courses 62 sections of practical learning.

The video to the left shows an overview of the final product and its suggested utilisation.

The Immersive Projection Toolkit offers a focused deep dive into a complete project developed with Derivatives Touchdesigner (
This 10 lesson series is a focused exploration into the design and development of a complete Immersive Mapping Toolkit. Upon completion, students will have produced a professional planetarium/projection dome mapping tool, as well as acquired the knowledge to implement the techniques anywhere they want (such as CAVEs, stages, concerts, bespoke mapping performances etc.).
As a Touchdesigner learning experience this course will introduce, explore and implement the following elements:
  • SOPS
  • TOPS
  • Complex DAT manipulation
  • CHOPS as data
  • COMP Interaction
  • Interactive 3D Geometry
  • Cameras (orthographic & accurate perspective)
  • Lights (ambient, aimed and projection)
  • Projection Mapping
  • Complete UI development
  • Advanced user control interaction
  • Full Python exploration throughout
Students who finish this course will also develop a better understanding of a number of high level interactive computing concepts:
  • Projection mapping
  • Pixel mapping
  • 3D geometry transformation
  • 3D Scene previz
  • Control system integration
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Course Content

Lessons Status

0 - Prologue - Introducing the Project


1 - Building the Foundations (Virtual Dome)


2 - Virtual Projector Capture & Casting


3- Dome Settings Controller


4 - Pixel Mapping Toolkit


5 - Developing a UI


6 - Automatic Output System


7 - Content Selector System


8 - Locking UI & Performance Mode


9 - Tidy Up Section 1 - Virtualisation and Rendering


10 - Tidy Up Section 2 - The Final UI


THE END - Final Overview