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Touchdesigner – Getting started with BulletSolver (Dynamic Physics!)

This Video series explores the use of the new Touchdesigner experimental build to implement bulletsolver physics into a real-time environment.

Bulletsolver is a truly unique addition to Touchdesigner and the possibilities bring it closer and closer to offerings in more conventional games engines in terms of collision and physics.- While still retaining all the real-time power of base touchdesigner!

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From the Touchdesigner Wiki:

What is Bullet?

Bullet is an open source real-time physics simulation API:

A Bullet simulation contains bodies and forces.Bodies are much like physical objects in the real world and have many of the same physical properties: mass, size, kinetic friction etc. They also occupy space in the world, and no two physical objects can occupy the same space. When two physical objects attempt to occupy the same space in the world, they collide, and the same is true for the bodies in a Bullet simulation. Each body has a collision shape, which determines how it collides with other bodies. Examples of bodies: a brick wall, a baseball.

In TouchDesigner all bodies are rigid, meaning they cannot deform based on collisions or other outside forces (as opposed to soft bodies).Forces are just like the forces we experience in the real world; they act on bodies by changing their velocity. In Bullet, forces can either be applied over time or as an impulse. For example: the wind is a force applied over time, and a cannon applies an impulse force to a cannon ball.

At its core, what the Bullet API does is solve for the transformation and velocity of each body in the simulation. It handles all the math behind collisions of bodies, forces, friction, restitution, constraints etc. All the Bullet API needs is a set of forces and bodies with their respective properties and initial states, and it does the rest. One thing that the Bullet API does not do however, is calculate air resistance.

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This Tutorial Series uses the EXPERIMENTAL BUILD of touchdesigner : 099.2019.10700