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Touchdesigner – Introduction to Python

This short series introduces users to using deeper python integrations inside derivative’s Touchdesigner – a visual programming language popular in the visual arts and performance domains.

Over the two videos users will develop an understanding of the basic implementations as well as more complex direct python manipulations across a number of uses.

This is a FREE course.

Python is the life blood of Touchdesigner. Using it allows users to unlock the full potential of the immersive programming tool.
Over this two lesson series users can expect to learn about python as a language and its general usage through to a complete integration into Touchdesigner’s Operator ecosystem.
By the end of this course users can expect to have learned:
  • General Python terms and usage
  • Touchdesigner Operator integration
  • Linking, referencing and passing values
  • Bespoke Touchdesigner usages such as CHOP EXECUTE & DAT EXECUTE
  • Overview of multiple integrations into Commercial work
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Course Materials

This tutorial series was built using Touchdesigner099.2018.27550. All attempts have been made to manage compatibility but it cannot be guaranteed. Please reach out to if you need more assistance.