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Normally each page will be laid out the same. There will be a video front and center at the top of each page – Unless at the start of a new section, there wont be much else visible on the page to make things faster for you to progress!

As with this page, section beginnings will feature information and sometimes more than one video/piece of data as it will recap the previous section as well (to make sure you are where you need to be!)


In this section you’ll learn about the project and the development of the outlined plan.

It also serves as an introduction to the whole course lesson system and how to progress through each stage.


If there were assets, development files or other requirements – you would find a call to action like this to download them

The very bottom of each page will show you an overview of where you currently are in the course.

The general structure is:

Course —> Lesson —> Topics.

So make sure you’ve finished all of the topics before moving onto the next lesson.

You can click any of the selections below to jump to it (each topic contains a Video – some you’ll want to watch all the way through, others wont)