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Our 14 day refund policy is in place to protect you. If you are unhappy with your chosen course or learning style you can get in touch!

There are some conditions so be sure to check out the T&C’s or FAQS for exact details.

What Can You Expect?


Personal Profile

Simple Course Management

Certificates & Badges

Tracked and Monitored Progress

Unrestricted Content Access

Any/All Supporting Materials Up Front

Own what you Produce

Learn Advanced Creative Computing Skills

Dedicated Contact and Guidance Email

Instant Access – Get Learning NOW

How Does it Work?


Learn in Ten takes the main principles from Programming for People and condenses them into hyper niche, ten step programmes (hence the name) for the learning of creative computing knowledge. Whether learning a specific software, or a desirable skill, all of our courses are designed in small, bite-sized chunks for easy dissemination of complex information.

Course Pricing

Our pricing is simple.

Each course has a single price, calculated based on the bespoke nature of the content, value of the final product and the overall learning potential.

Our average costs equate to roughly $5 per lesson,

Each course you sign up for will get you dedicated “Contact and Guidance” – an email address that you can use to ask questions or for help with an issue you’re stuck with, how you want to implement learning into a project or anything applicable really…

So whether you just want to learn, need a little extra inspiration or want one-2-one guidance throughout – there are options for everyone.

Questions? We’ve got Answers!


What is Learn in Ten?
Learn in Ten is an online creative computing e-learning site. It offers a range of development driven learning experiences across a number of creative and interactive softwares.
What can I learn here?
The answer is hard to define – The courses offered by Learn in Ten range across the entire creative computing spectrum.

Some series specifically teach software to an introductory level, others use the same software to develop very niche products or experiences.

As a general rule of thumb all of our classes are strongly held within the creative computing and interactive experience domain and as such – you wont find them on conventional tutorial sites!

Who should use Learn in Ten?
Anyone interested in developing or starting skills in the creative or interactive computing domain would be welcome here.

Each specific course will have meaning to you or it won’t, generally our introductiory courses to specific softwares are very well applied in any creative role!


Can I download the Course?
To maintain the quality and support we pride along with our lessons all content is strickly limited to Learn in Ten’s containing domain.

There are some classes that come with materials, content or other assets that are 100% yours to keep and use (such as the dome mapping grid supplied with the immersive projection toolkit course).

What support do you offer?
Regardless of the course you buy you get support time added to your account.

Generally 5 sessions (normally 30 minute meetings) that allow you to ask for help, inspiration or integrationa advice for a related project.

Where can I access the courses?
Our site is supported on all modern devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet.

Sadly, we do not have an app or TV support.



How are courses priced?
All prices are shown at a single lifetime purchase per course.

This means the price you see, is the price you pay. No subscriptions, recurring charges or additional costs.

Actual course fees are calculated based on a number of factors from learning potential, quality and value of finished product.

What payments types are accepted?
We accept most major credit/debit cards as well as direct PayPal transcations.

Payments are required in full at time of purchase and will allow instant access to your purchased course.

Message us at if you think something is wrong!

Can I transfer courses?
Generally, no.

Unless you make use of our ‘no questions’ 14 day refund policy, as outlined in our terms & conditions.

This will only refund an existing course purchase, you will still need to purchase the new course before having access.

Message us at if you want to discuss something more specific.

Do you offer refunds?

You can make use of our ‘no-questions’ 14 day return policy, as outlined in our terms & conditions.

Generally, if you ask us for a refund and we see you’ve downloaded all of the content or completed all lessons – you probably won’t get one.


Do you offer trials?
No, and yes…

Due to our privacy policy, we dont give access to course content prior to purchasing a full course.

Most course do, however, included atleast one free lesson (normally an overiew and part of lesson 1) to allow users to gauge what the course is about and whether it fits their learning needs!

Can I request a course?
Yes, please!

While we cannot turn all requests we get into full courses. Frequent requests help us gauge interest and where to place our development time.

Alternatively you can use our parent company to request something a bit more personal or bespoke if you need it in a more timely manner.

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