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Touchdesigner – Building an Immersive Dome Mapping System

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There are some visual difference between the latest 2020 versions of Touchdesigner and the 2019 version used in this series.

All of the learning is still valid and the processes are the same.

The Immersive Projection Toolkit offers a focused deep dive into a complete project developed with Derivative’s Touchdesigner (

This 10 video series is a focused exploration into the design and development of a complete Immersive Mapping Toolkit. Upon completion, students will have produced a profession planetarium/projection dome mapping tool, and have the knowledge to implement the techniques anywhere they want (such as CAVEs, stages, concerts, bespoke mapping performances etc.).

You can find the detailed course post here:

Touchdesigner – Building an Immersive Dome Mapping System

The first two lessons are included free for EVERYONE – so you can try it out, see the project planning stage as well as the initial 3D implementation.